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The place where the millenary pasture settles the unique flavour of the Iberian.

If we imagined a space to discover the real taste of the Iberian, a meeting point where you can admire the products that are born in the millenary pasture, that place would be La Jamonería, where “the flavour of the Iberian” is discovered and tasted.

When we met José María Medina: “Master ham slicer“, he transmited to us all that admiration for the Iberian. He guided us through a path of flavour where the veins were marbled and the taste has been rewritten for the second time in mankind.

Counting on José María´s wisdom was very important to develop the corporate identity of his gastronomic space. Solving the shades of design through a exclusively designed font was the main pillar to create a unique personality and start forging its story.

A marbled vein full of taste.

Every one of the pictures we took in our studio was so important that we realized the best accompanying to this product was subtleness.

Composing still lifes to remark the shades of the product photography was a complex gear among textures and lights.

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Audiovisual content creation for their website and social networks.

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Filming of

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Master Slicers

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A constant exposition of the Iberian.

Designing a corporate website like the one for La Jamonería is a constant walkaway of advertising images that evoque the desire and temptation of a product that captivates at first sight.

In this paralelism we were inspired for the designing of a website that shows a unique and exclusive product in every bite of it, in every of its photographies and in every audiovisual composition of this score of flavours.

Working with a so demanding raw material made us even more selective with each one of the product photographies we selected for the composition. We have measured every text, every paragraph to highlight the features of this product that is born out of the effort and dedication of truly master artisans.