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Love at first sight exists and it can be found beneath the stars.

Those excessive and uncontrolled love stories have gone around the world through celluloid and despite all, they leave us feeling nostalgic, thinking we are never in the right place at the exact moment to experience this kind of story.

Our love story is now among the stars, or better said, into the digital space. Now we don´t need to fly that much to find love, we just have to download an app in our smartphones to reach the starry sky.

In our publicity agency we have plenty of ideas to arrange the perfect date and that is what we did with Maatub: whisper beautiful ideas in the ear, offer the stars and begin a lovely story together.

An App that makes you fall in love when you download it.

When we were proposed to design the new Maatub app we agreed that the ideal thing was a direct design with a simple interface but with an elegant touch. We played with golden hues to make it look splendid and legible at first sight.

Counting on a direct usability that allowed us to go through every screen of the app was a challenge our entire team wanted to accept.

Recovering a category like dating apps and giving it a personal touch, as well as innovative and subtle is something we are very proud of in our Publicity Agency.

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Audiovisual content creation for their social networks.

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Filming of

Advertising Spot

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I don´t need to see anything else of you. I love you as you are.

That were the first words in our love story.

Sometimes we just need to design a landing page to show all the potential out product has.

Direct links and fast access to all information. A versatile web for brief users who only want a downloading point.

This was the premise for the Maatub website designing. We looked for a dynamic and attractive corporate line through exclusive advertising photographies, accompanied by a text to make the users fall in love.