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Is your website safe? What SLL certificate is.

Next time you´re on the Internet, notice one detail: on the left of the link square, you can see what kind of certificate the site you´re visiting has. If it is updated, the search engine will indicate us it is safe. But, what does this actually means?


Certificates are use to make clear the visited website is safe and its encryption code protects introduced personal data. Recently added, SLL is the most common certificate. Its initials are for Secure Socket Layer.

SLL certificate is a safety protocol to let you navigate introducing your data safely. The data transmition between a server and a user, and viceversa, is totally encrypted.

In this era of working with personal data all the time through our smartphones, the user needs to know it is safe to visit our website. This is vital in every online site, but mostly in online stores (where data is exchanged for payment). Guaranteeing confidence is compulsory. Nobody likes to be afraid of this.
To use SLL certificate you need to consult you domain and hosting supplier and check if they provide this service. In case they don´t, you should look for better options. Besides, Google will better consider your website for positioning if it is safe.


Even though it´s not strictly related to the website sphere, in Grado Creativo we offer the SSL certificate installation. We are partners with national company ARSYS, giving the best hosting service and technical assistance, apart from offerting the certificate installation. Relying on this, you won´t have to worry.
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