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Is your brand actually yours?

Are you sure you own your brand’s name? Don’t freak out, this question may seem inappropiate at first. “Of course I own it, it’s my business”, you’d answer. And for that same reason, because your business will mean everything for you, you need to carefully read this post.


A few months ago we posted an article about the importance of registering your brand in the PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE which you can read here.
But that action must occur after you have decided the name and corporate identity of your brand. “But I don’t know which name to choose, yet. I’ve got several option but I cannot pick one.” It is normal. Deciding your business’ name is not an easy job. In fact, there are professionals exclusively dedicated to naming.
What do you have to consider? Though we won’t talk about specific issues of naming, we will clear that the first thing to do is to differentiate between your company name and your business name. We often see posters, business cards or flyers with the company name in it followed by the acronyms S.L or S.U. This may diminish the credibility and impact capacity of your brand. You must look for a more attractive name, don’t just choose the same one as in the company register.
Second and not less important: search for a website domain and make sure the ones you need are available.
More and more clients come to Grado Creativo with an attractive business idea, with a lot of potencial and already registered. Then, when we check the availability of the website domain, we find out that they’re all already taken, sometimes by foreign brands. Something that lessen the excitement that comes with starting a new business, and could have been avoided with a simple searching.
If this happens, don’t panic. We can always search for an alternative, and in case you have possibilities to win, start a legal procedure to get the domain. But the best option is to check the availability before you register your brand.
“Okay, I already have several possible names. How do I check them?” You can use official search engines from domain and hosting companies. This is better than searching for it in Google as there are bots that buy the domains you’re interested in to own them until you pay them a big account of money.
For instance, for our website designing service, we work with ARSYS. You can find their domain search engine here.
You may have lots of questions about naming your company. In Grado Creativo we will be glad to answer them as part of our Creative Development service.
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