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Your brand´s registration is your company´s footprint

The world of creativity and designing is sometimes characterized by spontaneity (not so much if you consider all the work and learning it takes) and doesn´t understands about legislation and limits. However, it is very important to register our logo or brand to avoid future problems.

More than just a registration

Every company wants its product or service to be different from the rest. In a more and more competitive world, having the characteristics that make you unique is what makes you play at an advantage. Though this is interesting, there still are companies that don´t know or consider it important to register your brand or product.
It may seem incidental but counting on the needed legal protection is vital as we don´t know  how known our brand will be.
The register is done (in Spain) at Patents and Brands Spanish Office. Once is completed, you are protected against third parts using it unappropiately though civil and penal actions.

“If we don´t register our brand it is at risk of being used without consent, which may confuse our clients and affect our reputation.”

In Grado Creativo we offer the “Brand Registration” service, which eases the process of getting your project started. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about this.
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