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Website Design

Your website may be in danger

If you have a company website you’d certainly have heard about web maintenance more than once and still you don’t completely understand what is about.


1- What is web maintenance?

In Grado Creativo we often meet clients who think “If my website is done, it doesn’t need anything else”. Big mistake. If we talked about a recently bought car, you’d probably think different. Right?


A matter of priorities and organization.  

A WordPress website is built with multiple parts that need to work properly together. If any of them fails, the rest of them will probably have problems.

Incompatibility between plugins, translation mistakes or safety vulnerabilities are some examples of bad website functioning that we have to avoid at all costs if we don’t want to lose clients.

As well as the car you use daily, your business’ website needs care and monitoring.


2- Advantages. Why hiring it?

If you’re used to read posts online, you’ll have seen that there’s always a title called “Advantages and Disadvantages”.

Well, here you won’t find the second ones. Why? Because there are not disadvantages when talking about hiring website maintenance.


Advantages are:

  • Saving time that you could use to do what you really need to.

Hiring the website maintenance service will allow you not to worry about updating plugins, solving connection problems or adjusting web navigation parameters that aren’t working properly. All this tasks that would take hours to get solved will stop concerning you and making you feel insecure. Your online business will work better not only thanks to maintenance but also to you being able to focus on other goals.

  • Keeping your website ready for any possible change. 

In the future, you may want to add new services or create new sections in your website. That’s why you need to keep the whole WordPress system of your website updated to the latest version. You can’t build anything over old and weak foundations.

  • Securing everything you have got by now. 

You probably use your website to show all your company can offer, and to talk about your goals and achievements so you get positioned on the Internet. It would be a pity if it all got lost because of an attack and not having a regular backup.

3- What are our fees? 

In Grado Creativo we offer two kinds of annual fees, each one adapted to your corporate website type.

Website Maintenance Fee

  • Quarterly backup.
  • Plug-ins updating.
  • Spam management.
  • WordPress updating.
  • Mail boxes registration.

200€ + VAT


Woocommerce Maintenance Fee

  • Monthly backup.
  • Plug-ins updating.
  • WordPress updating.
  • Woocommerce updating.
  • Safety plug-in.
  •  Online store maintenance.
  • Product list management.
  • Mail boxes registration.
  • Spam management.

350€ + VAT


We want to offer the best service for our clients and to improve the website maintenance service implies setting fees to guarantee the service quality.

As we like to say, hiring the fees isn’t obligatory. However, we’re honest and want to warn you: if you don’t hire one, Grado Creativo won’t be responsible of any problem or inconvenience that may occur in your website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about this service.

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