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The gift of casualty and serenity of a river full of stories and oportunities.

When we have a gift, we have it during our whole life, like the traditional recipe that Manuel inherited from his father, as well as him did from his grandfather. Where a good raw material along with a selection of spices will make a product like the albur an ambrosia in sevillian cuisine.

Three generations that have lived and cohabited with one of the most emblematic rivers in Spain, the Guadalquivir. Where this story of overcoming and undertaking begins.

The brand naming that sails the Guadalquivir.

We always had clear we were going to design a corporate identity with personality, that would transmit a concept as well as a story, but we didn’t know we were going to go deeper in the project, giving it name. Our first intention was giving it the gift of presence and that’s how Don Albur was born.

A design with intentions, a personality linked to minimalism, a sturdy form and a strong convincig character. We created a character full of life and history that, at first sight, will recall a sailor. We used a range of hues that was related to the sea and the sun and we completed it with a reminder text: “Traditional recipe since 1960”.

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Advertising photography for social networks content.

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An image of a million knots.

Having professional photographies that transmit your company´s principles is something necessary to make your product stand out.

For Don Albur it was easy. It had texture, scent, colour and shape. It alredy had the requirements  for a gourmet products when it came out of the water. So it wasn’t difficult to add this shades to traditional fishing. In that we based the photoshoot we made for the dossier content, designed by our team, and the graphic content for social networks.

The packaging design came later, but the waves were already taking us to a shore of creativity, drawing reflections of tradition.