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Researching, development and innovation. The three main pillars for iron excellence.

One of the most important characteristics of ICM is commitment with the client in every project and taking challenges. We wanted to transmit this  feature in the services we made.

We started with the creation of a new corporate identity. Then we made corporate video and photography through several filming sessions that were organized thanks to a constant communication with the company, which would inform us of the perfect moments to film.

We like to know companies till we look like we are part of them.

Audiovisual content creation for social networks.

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Filming of

Corporate Video

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We designed a versatile corporate web with usability to adapt to every user.

When they ask us to design a website, the clients guide us and transmit to us the behaviour they want for their web and the usability the want for their users.

In this case, we had to design a corporate web with an informative use following several requirements: showing at once the company services, as well as reflect the principles that made them different and the latest works.