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Legal Notice


According to the information duty from article 10 of Law 34/2002, from 11th July, from Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico, the following information will be reflected: the company that owns the website domain is FRANCISCO GRANADOS CID (hereafter GRADO CREATIVO), based in s/ Valle Inclan 5, 41720 Los Palacios y Villafranca, Sevilla with C.I.F. number: 47505027E. Contact mail:



Access or use of this GRADO CREATIVO website assigns the condition of USER, who accepts General Uso Conditions, reflected in this document. These conditions are independent from General Hiring Conditions.



WWW.GRADOCREATIVO.COM gives access to information, services, programs or data (hereafter, “the content”) on the Internet that are owned by GRADO CREATIVO. The USER assumes the responsability of the website use. This responsability also affects the registration that may be necessary to access certain services or content.

In  the said register the USER will be responsible of giving true and fair information. As a consequence of it, the USER will be given a password that will be their responsability, and they must commit to using it confidentially.
The USER will commit to make an appropiate use of the content and services (for instance, chat service, forums or news groups) that GRADO CREATIVO offers in the website. The USER won’t use them (i) for ilegal or inmoral activities.(ii) difunding racist, xenophobic, ilegally-pornographic, in defense of terrorism or against human rights content or advertising. (iii) harming physically or logically GRADO CREATIVO or their suppliers. (iv) trying to access and use mail accounts from other users or modify their messages. GRADO CREATIVO keeps the right to remove any commentary or content that harms respect to dignity or is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, against youth and childhood or public safety that are considered inappropiate. In any case, GRADO CREATIVO won’t be responsible of the opinion of users given through forums, chats or other participation tools.



GRADO CREATIVO follows the Organic Law 15/1999 from 13th December from Personal Data Protection, and desires to guarantee the appropiate use and treatment of users’ personal data. For this purpose, next to each personal data form, they will let the user know about the existence and acceptation of the data treatment conditions, informing about the responsability.

As well, GRADO CREATIVO informs that will ask for your consent for the treatment of the mail address with comercial purposes every time.



GRADO CREATIVO owns every intelectual and industrial property right of its website, as well as of its content (images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos; color combinations, structures and designs, used material, software,…).

All rights reserved. According to the law, the next actions are expressly forbidden: reproduction, distribution, public communication of total or partial content of this website, with comercial purposes, in any format, without the consent of GRADO CREATIVO. The USER commit to respect this Intelectual Property rights. They could visualise the content and even print it, copy it or save it in a hard drive as long as it is only for personal and private use. The USER won´t remove, change or manipulate any protection device that is installed in the website.



GRADO CREATIVO isn´t responsible in any case of the possible damages that may be inflicted: errors or omissions in the content, lack of disponibility of the website, virus transmitions, though it adopted every technological measure to prevent it.



GRADO CREATIVO keeps the right to make changes in the website without previous notice.



In case WWW.GRADOCREATIVO.COM had links to any other site on the Internet, GRADO CREATIVO will not have any control over these sites. GRADO CREATIVO won´t assume any responsability over external content. The use of these links won´t neither mean any kind of association between GRADO CREATIVO and the connected organizations.



GGRADO CREATIVO keeps the right to refuse access to the offered services without previous notice to users who default on this General Conditions of Use.



GRADO CREATIVO will chase the defaulting on this conditions as well as any inappropiate use of the website applying civil and penal actions.



GRADO CREATIVO may modify at any time these conditions, being correctly posted.

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